Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Other side of a person

A person reflects his different types of modes, It all depends on the situation that reflects the person's mood. Obviously if someone will be rude to him, his mood will change and he will become angry.
There are basically two sides of a person one side is peace and happiness and other side is aggresive. A person reflects his mood according to the environment and a person should always keep his aggresive side hidden and he should always try to be happy and should be peaceful.

Today, there is no respect for anyone....

Today people have no patience, they don't see or think before being angry on others. They have no respect for childrens and their elders.

How to control your anger?

Every one has the ability to control their anger but today people don't do so and they just claim that we can't control our anger, which in my point of view is false statement, every one can control anger but if they want to, so people should atleast try to control their anger.
There are different ways through which a person can control his anger; he can ignore the person, don't take his words seriously, he can just be quite and try to be calm and so on...
So we should try not to be angry on anyone and if someone is shouting at you then just ignore him and be calm, in this way that person will also learn to be calm.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Offensive Behaviour

The term offensive behaviour commonly refers to behaviour intended to disturb or upset, and, when the term is used in a legal sense, it refers to behaviours which are found threatening or disturbing.
There are so many types of offensive behaviour e.g,
harrasment , racial discrimination, rudeness, ill mannered behaviour and so on...
Offensive behaviour can lead to worst situations, for example ill mannered behaviour can lead to misunderstandings hence ending up the relationship.
similarly racial discrimination can lead to the instability of the region.